Understanding Infrastructure

Private infrastructure assets deliver essential services to communities and provide potential benefits to investors including consistent income, a measure of inflation protection and the opportunity for upside growth


Address Societal Needs with Capital Appreciation Opportunities

Infrastructure assets are critical to the functioning of society and the economy by facilitating people’s basic needs and services. Invested well, infrastructure assets may address many investors’ concerns in the current environment.

Specifically, we believe private infrastructure investments, complemented with strong risk management and operational expertise, offer the potential for steady income, a measure of inflation protection, diversification and attractive risk-adjusted returns.

Reasons to Consider Private Infrastructure

Downside Protection1

Essential services required through market cycles and with strong market positions may create resiliency to economic shocks and market disruptions

Consistent Income

Infrastructure assets may provide an opportunity for consistent income often supported by long-term contracts or regulated revenues

Inflation Protection

We believe Infrastructure can provide a natural hedge against inflation due to its potential pricing power, contracted price and inflation adjustments, regulated return frameworks and pass-through of operating costs


Low correlation to traditional asset classes like equities and fixed income and complementary to real estate

Upside Potential

Investment opportunities in thematic trends (e.g., digitalization, decarbonization and deconsolidation) provide for sustainable, long-term industry tailwinds

Note: Investments in Infrastructure strategies are subject to several risks and there is no guarantee that any investment program will be successful or that an investor will realize a return of invested capital.  There can be no assurance investment objectives will be achieved. Please see Important Information at the beginning of this presentation for additional disclosure regarding risks associated with investment.

1.  Downside protection is no guarantee against future losses.

2.  Diversification does not guarantee returns or capital preservation.


Understanding Private Infrastructure

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KKR’s Infrastructure Franchise

Over the past 15 years, KKR has developed a leading infrastructure franchise that benefits from global exposure as well as expertise across multiple sectors and strategies, currently managing over $50 billion in AUM.

Established franchise

$54 billion+

in infrastructure assets under management



offices with local presence in 8 countries



dedicated infrastructure professionals supported by the substantial investment and value-creation capabilities of KKR